Links to press articles

The wind turbine backlash:
article by By David Derbyshire
Mail online July 2011

A green dark age
article by By Mat Ridley
The Spectator

The answer, my friend, ain't blowing in the wind
article by By Richard Littlejohn
Mail online June 2011

Scores of protected golden eagles dying after colliding with wind turbines
article by David Gardner
Mail online June 2011

Nature 'is worth billions' to UK
report by Richard Black
BBC news 2 June 2011

New figures show the lights may go out sooner than we thought
article by Christopher Booker
The Telegraph newspaper 23 April 2011

Rush to Renewable Energy Generates 'Enormous' Financial Questions in Europe
artincle by Jeremy Lovell
New York Times March 2011

When it comes to windfarms, I don't feel bad about nimbyism
article by Alexander Chancellor
The Guardian newspaper, Friday 4 February 2011

Why the £250bn wind power industry could be the greatest scam of our age
article by Christopher Booker
Mail Online 28 February 2011

An ill wind blows for Denmark's green energy revolution
article by By Andrew Gilligan
The Telegraph newspaper 12 September 2010

Why wind turbines aren't bat-friendly
Video on New Scientist web site
Batty turbines